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Priapus Shot treatment

The P-Shot enables safe, painless injections of man's platelet-rich plasma to revive the penis and stimulate new tissue growth.

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Testosterone Therapy

TRT prescription is usually in the form of testosterone gel, cream, or long-acting injections for the first two to six months.

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Trimix is an injection medicine consisting of three different drugs: papaverine, prostaglandin, and phentolamine.

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Low libido is the result of physiological, psychological, and social factors, and it is different for everyone. Our clinic will help you restore your sex drive.


Not satisfied with how strong your erection is? One of the advantages of visiting our clinic is improved sexual life and longer response time during sex.


Our modern therapies will help improve the shape and function of the penis. We will relieve you from pain and worry when reaching an erection.

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Our USA Ed Treatment Pro Clinic for Men in the USA always helps clients solve any problems with their sexual lives. Fill in the form online, and our best erectile dysfunction specialist will be in touch. We never share, sell, reuse, rent, or lend your email for any reason.

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Our USA ED Treatment Pro Clinic focuses on men's sexual health. Our USA ED Treatment Pro Clinic has highly qualified erectile dysfunction specialists who have the necessary training for successful work with our clients. We apply highly effective treatments based on the needs and goals of each man. We create…

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I recovered from erection problems after treatment at the ED Treatment Pro Clinic.



I tested the effectiveness of the P-Shot on myself, it works.



My confidence has returned since I started the program.


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Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction are common sexual problems.


What to Know about the Testosterone Test

Testosterone tests measure levels of testosterone in the blood.

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